A Month of Sleep

by Sportscourt

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Here’s to you And the symmetry between The first few days of spring The metaphors and similes Vibrant as an evergreen I am ever green And all I see Is comforting Here’s to you And the symmetry between The sunshine and life it breathes Envelope me in anything you please Oh would you, please If this is peace I hope it never leaves But I won’t remember this month of sleep Here’s to you And the energy between The words that we never speak And if I could I swear I’d just evaporate into the smell of morning coffee and the way you said you loved me I swear I’ve never felt so lovely So before it leaves, here’s to you
Undone 02:50
Spilling onto the pavement Counterfeit faces Erase all the days where I was buried in hatred Course through my veins I’m still forging your name To write off all the things that I wish I could change But your still in love with a concept You criticize with lazy eyes I’m trying hard to sympathize But I can’t find a reason to stay here Embrace the pain that’s bound to come Forevermore, you’re coming undone Picking up pieces of broken glass Leave all the fragments in the past I cannot confront this it’s over and done with And I’ve been running from myself Take it back take it back Head so full of smack and out of wack Another color change a tongue so out of range A slap on a sunburn to the tune of a songbird Obsessed with a concept abusive and unkempt
Held up in the airport waiting on my 20 year old suitcase Baggage claim’s making laps like a runner Got my head spinning circles around a 2 year summer Yeah all I wanna do is fly back and spend golden hour with you But I think you made it clear with a 12 letter bummer Maybe Maybe I’ve overstated Maybe it’s too complicated And I don’t think that I hate it Maybe I should smoke a little less Maybe I should see a therapist But I’d rather do this myself It’s fine, it’s fine, I’m fine, yeah I’m fine You need to see the change for yourself You need to see me in good health And I wanted to know, do you still trust me? “I think you want me to say it But I don’t think that I’ll say what you’re thinking now Cos you’ll fall through the floor But if it’s what you want then I’ll speak” You said, “I like your face much better when it rains, but I think the sun’s much better for my brain And I think you’ve gone mad, you’ve been there before But it was never this bad and it’s kind of sad You’re out of line and I think I found out in the knick of time Cos there’s this color I found and you look just like it And I keep my heart out just because you like it You’re out of line Maybe it’s too complicated But this is no one else’s baggage to carry So maybe you should see a therapist... You need to feel the change for yourself You need to protect your mental health You just keep saying it’s fine... but it’s so out of line”
Dopamine 03:25
Like the smoke in the air tonight Our particles will dissolve with time Woven tight in the fabric of the sweatshirt that you stole of mine Are we here just to kill some time Are you bored? Did you miss my eyes? We shut that door so carelessly A makeshift lock with the key inside Twirl around dodging bullets in the headlights You said, “I only called you up because it felt right, but for god’s sake your life is not a fucking 80s movie” I’ll let you in without hesitation Cos this is my brain, it’s fresh out of patience So let’s waste away like we died in a bad dream Like the saccharine taste of our favorite candy We’ll scream “set me free, dopamine” Like the smoke in the air tonight Our particles will dissolve with time Woven tight in the overtones of the chorus in that song you like Twirl around dodging punches in a play-through I wish I never would have answered just to find you dying your hair a shade of blue just to match your point of view
I miss those late nights when we would drive In your beat up old Tacoma Having dreams about diplomas and losing sleep on your aunt’s sofa I’m looking at photographs from 5 years back that we took on New Year’s Eve I can smell the rum and cigarettes from the ashes of who we would never be I was such a waste, but you kept me in place With dreams of doing selfless things like modern day saints Hang me out to dry when you get tired of trying Relapse back to our selfish ways like modern day saints I’d sing along with you til we both passed out in the living room From late nights wide awake convinced a ghost would roam the staircase So we’d hide under your duvet like a bed of sheets would keep us safe An ocean made of seams and in my dreams you were the tide I miss those nights You by my side I miss those late nights I’m still such a waste I can’t stay in one place I never did those selfless things I’m no modern day saint
I’ve been I’ve been dragging my goddamn heels through the gravel Fighting every step of the way to find a different perspective I’ve been typecast, I’ve out-lashed My past still comes back to haunt me You were only trying to guide me in the right direction The things I hate about me I know you cannot see I’m not the person I was and I’m sorry I wanna learn how to trust Try to get back where I was Be who you need me to be I just wanna breathe again Quit carving notches in an empty bed Learn how to take a fucking complement I wish you weren’t always in my head You keep me spinning for this These days I feel like I’ve been petrified tell me why my lack of substance got me telling lies all the time All I know is I’ve been falling every step of the way Yeah the floor’s all I know now But you keep pulling me up when I’m all out of love It’s got me thinking that you’re the only one that can guide me in the right direction I carry all my regrets You were a sacrament A bitter wine for just one sip at a time To keep me spinning for this You keep me spinning for this


Recorded by Jordan Becker at StudioSC in Boise, ID.
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering.
Sportscourt is Jordan Becker, Quinn Fillmore, Jacob Geier, Matt Egizi and Marcus Madrid.

Jordan would like to thank Monique DuBois for always supporting me and allowing me to sink so much (too much most of the time) of myself into this. I love you and can't wait to marry you! Also to Chance Coon for letting me use his drum recording equipment to learn before I did it myself. Shout-out to Olas as well for being a solid dude to bounce ideas off of in the mixing world.


released October 25, 2019

Jordan Becker - Guitar, Composer, Producer & mixing
Quinn Fillmore - Guitar, Composer & vocals
Matt Egizi - Vocals/third guitar
Jacob Geier - Bass
Marcus Madrid - Drums


all rights reserved



sportscourt Boise, Idaho

boise rock band

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